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Tuesday, 18 May 2021 11:35

2021-05-17 WATER METERS

Dear owners of the Zeniamar VIII Community
As a continuation of our previous briefin notes, and thinking that unfortunately this situation can last longer than we all wish, the board suggested that we send you the following proposal:
As you know, the private water meters are centralized in each blo. In order to avoid problems with possible leaks, anyone who would like their water meter valve to be closed to prevent breakages, excessive consumption, accidents, etc ... should contact with Mileniun to request the valve to be closed. It will be done by the maintenance Company.
You may have the valve inside your Property closed but it will not stop a leak from the meter to your property, in addition to the possible damages that could be caused, and the bill  for the  excesive consumption.
When the situation improves and you plan to come back to Spain, you let us know in advance to open the valve again.
If you want the valve in your meter to be closed, please let us know by email.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Keep safe, kind regards
The Board

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